CGSC Strain#: 6502
Strain Designation: pLC10-26/JA200      Source of Strain:
Other Designations: pLC10-26B/JA200
Sex: F+ Episome/Plasmid: pLC10-26B
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: mglC , mglB , mglA , dnaX
   Plasmid Comment: Mixed culture, see pLC28-48A. For {\it mgl} use CGSC No. 6502. Hybridizes with Kohara clones 363-367 and 151-152.
Chromosomal Markers: thr-1, araC14, leuB6(Am), lacY1, glnX44(AS), galK2(Oc), galT22, λ-, ΔtrpE63, recA56, xylA5, mtl-1, thiE1
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