CGSC Strain#: 6363
Strain Designation: RE216      Source of Strain: R.C. Essenberg
Sex: Hfr    Point of Origin#: 2A   Map Position: 12.20   Direction of Marker Transfer: Counterclockwise
Episome/Plasmid: pLC35-4
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: uhpT , ilvB , uhpA , uhpB , uhpC
   Plasmid Comment: In RE216; host strain RE213. R. Essenberg strains. Hybridizes with Kohara clones 567-569.
Chromosomal Markers: fhuA22, ompF627(T2R), uhp-40, recA56, srlD300::Tn10, relA1, pyrE41, spoT1, tnaA6, metB1, gltSo14
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