Charges for Strains Sent to Academics and Non-Profit Institutions

Strain Distribution Fees:

In order to meet our costs and funding requirements, we are asking academics and non-profits to pay a portion of the costs associated with distributing strains. The fee is in the form of a $35 distribution fee for each order placed plus $10 per strain ordered. (So for example 2 strains would cost a total of $55). The fee for strains distributed on 96-well plates as large sets are $1.25 per strain. Currently only the YFP fusion library is available in 96-well plate format.

Exceptions will be made for investigators making recent or large contributions to the Center and for persons without institutional resources for paying such a cost. We hope that this charge is small enough not to be burdensome and yet will provide the amount of income needed to cover the expenses not met by grant support. These rates went into effect March 15th, 2014.

We waive these charges for researchers and teachers who lack funds to pay them and for recent or major contributors to the Center, upon request. Email requests to the CGSC.

We would be glad to hear any opinions, comments, or criticism of the subscription policy from users of, and contributors to, the Stock Center. Email the CGSC.

How To Pay the Distribution Fee:

You do not need to pay prior to our sending the strains. We will send the strains requested along with an invoice that gives information on how to pay by check or bank transfer. If you wish to pay by CREDIT CARD, (we accept MasterCard or Visa only), DO NOT SEND THE INFORMATION TO US BY EMAIL. Payments can be made using our secure on-line payment system or by phone at 203-432-3536. If your organization requires a purchase order, please provide us with the PO number when requesting strains.

We will not store any of this information electronically. Credit card information is deleted from our system after payments are processed.